Portage, IN Landscape Plantings - Duneland Landscape
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Portage, IN

Residential Landscaping in Portage, IN

For this Portage, Indiana home, Duneland Landscape created a simple landscape design to improve curb appeal and create a welcoming entrance into the home. With this project, Duneland Landscape was able to utilize a large variety of landscaping materials to create an appeal that the homeowners were looking for.


We began our landscape design project for this Indiana home with an assessment of the property and the homeowners’ wishes. From there, we designed a landscape blueprint that focused on the walkway and entrance into the home. The landscape design included a statement garden bed that is filled with landscaping stones. The stones are multi-dimensional and incorporate hues of brown, gray, tan, and white that resemble the appearance of the home’s siding and roof. The garden bed accentuates the light pole which invites guests in the evening hours. Surrounding the light pole are small shrubbery bushes to give the rock bed more depth and greenery. Small bushes also highlight the sidewalk leading up to the home and outline the perimeter of the front porch.


In addition to hardscaping and shrubbery throughout this Portage home’s landscape design, we also planted several trees that will provide greater shading and appeal to this home as they grow. Furthermore, Duneland Landscape incorporated bright colorful flowers in shades of yellow, red, orange, and blue, to give this landscape design more vibrancy.


Duneland Landscape is one of the most trusted landscape companies throughout Northwest Indiana. We provide landscape design concepts customized to each residence’s unique property layout and incorporate both hardscaping and plant materials for an increased curb appeal. Contact us today to get a quote on your home’s landscape design!

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